7-15 Modes of Foil and Fated Koi/bamboo


This is a decorative fan with a decorative Japanese fan standard.It is a decorative fan with a vertical height of 28.5cm and a width of about 50 centimeters (open in the open state).It has a different surface and a different handle, so that it has only been enjoyed twice for the season and use.
*Please be paid for about a week.

This is a decorative fan with a hand-drawn ornament.The motif of a married couple who represents the bond between the family and the wife, and the back is a bamboo that is painted with charcoal and silver.Unlike the pale bamboo, the bamboo that makes it feel lonely and lonely, is quite similar to the thick painting of the painting, and it is as if it were in the Western room.This is a fan-like fan for celebrations, new celebrations, and other celebrations.
* The image of the image has a handle on the front and back side.

Sensu bone material/black-lacquered bamboo
Size/9 sun 5 bu (approximately 29cm)
Number of bones: /10
Double-sided painting
Handwriting by Tsuka/Eshi
Made in Japan of Japanese Sensu/Kyogiko
Gold leaf material-A decorative fan with a folding fan of the size of a buginoko that is covered in a bookstore, and is the most expensive foil in the gilding.I recommend it to a real-oriented customer.

[Sensu dai is sold separately] [Gift is dedicated to paulowed paper box] [I will take it to a private paper box.)]If you have purchased a fan with a fan, you will receive two sets in the set box.You can use both a sensu stand and a wall mount.Kazari-sensu is an aromatic charge.
Another Fan-Sensu-dai[6 sunguro shinai chikudai][6 sun goomatake table]Please choose.
6 sun goma bamboos6. Black-lacquered bamboo-board
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