7-2 This fir foil red and white plum / magnolia

Decoration Kyoto fan

Decorations folding fan dance fan standard. Length of about 28.5cm, decorations fan of the horizontal width of about 50cm (open state). Front and back sides, because it is a different pattern, you can have fun twice to meet your season and usage.
※ to delivery, you will about a week.

It will be hand-painted decorative fan. Plum of spilling such Genpei bloom gives us a joy to the eye. The other one side, such as stand smell Yulan. Stunning representation of the unique thick petals. The original is a short flower flowering period, but delight to receive their beautifully fan face forever. ※ The image we are on the front and back sides of the handle.
* Renewal of the seal in per, there is the case that the position and design of the sign and seal is different. Please acknowledge.

Fan bone material / black bamboo
Size / 9-sun 5 minutes (about 29cm)
During the number / 10 of the bone
Double-sided picture with
Handwritten by the handle / artist
Japanese folding fan / Kyoto Fan Made in Japan
Gold leaf material - in this fir foil / of Maisensu size that are handled in our shop decoration fan, is the highest grade foil. It is recommended for your genuine.

[Fan base is sold separately] [special set of paper boxed]Fan base is you can use both to wall-mounted to the stand. Decorative fan is fragrance-free.
Optional fan base is[Black bamboo platform set box cun 6][6 cun sesame bamboo table set box]Please select more.
6 cun sesame bamboo table set box6 cun black bamboo platform set box
* There is also a dedicated box of paulownia wood to gifts. Please contact us.
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