7-2 fir tree foil red and white plum / magnolias

Ornamental Kyoto fan Dance fan type

It is a decorative fan of the dance fan standard. It is a decorative fan with a length of about 28.5 cm and a width of about 50 cm (open). The front and back sides have different patterns, so you can enjoy it twice according to the season and usage.
* It will take about one week for delivery.

It will be a hand-painted decorative fan. The spilling plums that bloom in Genpei give joy to the eyes. The other side is a stinky magnolia. The peculiar thick petals are beautifully expressed. Originally, it is a flower with a short flowering period, but the fan surface is beautiful and entertaining. * The image shows the patterns on the front and back.
* Due to the renewal of the seal, the position and design of the seal may differ. Please understand.

Folding fan bone material / black-painted bamboo
Size / 9 inch 5 minutes (about 29 cm)
Number of bones / 10
Double-sided painting
Handwriting by pattern / painter
Domestic folding fan / Kyoto folding fan Made in Japan
Gold leaf material-Book fir foil / This is the highest grade foil in the dance fan size decorative fan that we sell. Recommended for genuine customers.

[Folding fan stand is sold separately] [There is a special paulownia box for gifts] [Usually, it is set in a special paper box. ]If you purchase the folding fan and stand together, we will deliver them in a set box. The folding fan stand can be used both as a stand and as a wall mount. The decorative fan is fragrance-free.
The separately sold fan stand[6 inch black-painted bamboo stand][6 inch sesame bamboo stand]Please choose from.
6 inch sesame bamboo stand6 inch black-painted bamboo stand
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