7-5 Honmomi Foil Bamboo/Ume

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Decorated Kyoto Fan

This is a decorative fan of the Mai-fan style. This decorative fan measures approximately 28.5 cm in length and 50 cm in width (when opened). The front and back sides have different patterns, so you can enjoy it twice depending on the season or purpose. This is a hand-painted decorative fan. The painter painted the elegant foil in black. The beautiful shades of plum blossoms and bamboos are so beautiful that you can't help but sigh. The painter's brushwork is brilliant. It is a gem that adds color to any Western-style interior. The image shows the pattern on the front and back.
Please allow about one week for delivery.
*Since each piece is hand-painted, it may differ from the catalog.

Fan Bone Material: Black lacquered bamboo
Size/9"5" (approx. 29cm)
Number of bones/10
with pictures on both sides
Pattern/Hand-painted by the painter
Japanese folding fan/Kyo Sensu Made in Japan
Gold leaf material - Honmomi foil / This is the highest grade of foil for decorative fans of the Mai-sen size that we offer. Recommended for customers who prefer the real thing.

Fan stand sold separately] [In a special set paper box] [In a special set paper box].The fan stand can be used both as a stand and for wall hanging. Decorative fans are unscented.
The fan stand is sold separately.6" black lacquered bamboo stand set box6" sesame bamboo stand set boxPlease choose one of the following.

*We also have a special paulownia box for gifts. Please inquire.

Size: 9.5

Material: gold leaf

Pattern: Bamboo/Ume