7-6 Cherry Blossoms/Kikyo

Kazari-kyo Sensu

This is a decorative fan with a decorative Japanese fan standard.It is a decorative fan with a vertical height of 28.5cm and a width of about 50 centimeters (open in the open state).It has a different surface and a different handle, so that it has only been enjoyed twice for the season and use.This is a decorative fan with a hand-drawn ornament.A painter drew a black picture of a painter in a certain leaf.The flowers, which are painted only in dark, have never lost their original glamour, while wearing the apology to their bodies.I would like to ask for the genuine faction.* The image of the image has a handle on the front and back side.
*Please be paid for about a week.

Sensu bone material/black-lacquered bamboo
Size/9 sun 5 bu (approximately 29cm)
Number of bones: /10
Double-sided painting
Handwriting by Tsuka/Eshi
Made in Japan of Japanese Sensu/Kyogiko
Gold leaf material-A decorative fan with a folding fan of the size of a buginoko that is covered in a bookstore, and is the most expensive foil in the gilding.It's nice to be a real-mined customer.

[Senshidai is another vendor] [entry into a special set of paper boxes]You can use both a sensu stand and a wall mount.Kazari-sensu is an aromatic charge.
Another Fan-Sensu-dai[6. Black-lacquered bamboo-set box with a set box][6 cm Goma Takedai Set Box]Please choose.
6 sun goma Chikudai Setbox6. Black-lacquered, bamboo-dash set box
* A paulowed box for gifts is also available.Please contact us.
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