7-8 fir tree foil pine, bamboo, and plum / nandins

Decoration Kyoto folding fan dancer's fan child type

It is a decoration folding fan of the dancer's fan grayheaded cuckoo case. It is approximately 28.5cm in height, a decoration fan of approximately 50cm in width (the state that opened out). Because it is the surface, the back side, patterns different each, I enjoy it twice in total and can be in a season, the use. It becomes the decoration folding fan of the freehand drawing.
※For delivery of goods, I have for around one week.

The pine that the green which was deep-blue in a manly trunk is beautiful. It is the plum of bamboo and two colors behind. As for the surface, gorgeous "pine, bamboo, and plum", another one side prepared "a nandin". It is a motif to be able to give glory to in the case of not only the figurehead of the season but also the auspicious event. ※The image places a pattern of the surface, the back side.

Quality of folding fan aggregate / black coating bamboo
Size /9 寸 five minutes (approximately 29cm)
Number of bones /10 interval
It is with both sides picture
Handwriting by the pattern / illustrator
Domestic folding fan / Kyoto folding fan Made in Japan
With the decoration fan of dancer's fan child size dealing with in gold leaf material - book fir tree foil / our store, it is high foil of the grade most. It is recommended for a genuine article-oriented visitor.

[the folding fan stand is other selling] [there is an exclusive paulownia box in a present] [usually set it at an exclusive paper box.]When I have you purchase a folding fan and a stand together, I put two in a set box and send it. Both can use the folding fan stand for both a stand and wall hangings. The decoration folding fan is no fragrance.
Sell distinction; the folding fan stand[6 寸黒塗 り bamboo stand][6 寸 sesame bamboo stand]Please choose him more.
6 寸 sesame bamboo stand6 寸黒塗 り bamboo stand
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