[New in 2022] Edo Fan No.30 Hemp Leaf Cone Light Red

 What is hemp leaf pattern?

Hemp leaves grow so fast that they can reach 4 meters in 4 months, and because they grow straight up and up and up, they are associated with the wish for the healthy growth of a child.

The hemp leaf pattern also has the meaning of repelling evil spirits, and has been widely used as a pattern for maternity clothes since ancient times.

What is "Temari" pattern?

Temari" is used in furisode (formal kimono for coming-of-age ceremony), and it enhances a woman's dainty charm.

Temari is a tool for girls to play with.

Temari is also a symbol of parents' wishes for their children's happiness, such as "for children to grow up in a round and round way" and "for everything to settle down in a round and round way".

It is also customary to give a Temari-patterned kimono as a good-luck charm to the bride-to-be, in the hope that she will be able to build a happy family.

The Temari pattern is also meant to ward off evil spirits, protecting a woman's life throughout her life, from a small child to an adult.

This is a light red Edo fan that combines "hemp leaves" and "Temari".

It is best to use it with a fan bag for 7.5" size. https://www.ibasen.co.jp/en/collections/fanbag-7-5/products/fanbag-75-asanoha


Product detail: 

22.5cm Bamboo 

Made by Ibasen

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