Edo Senshi No. 1 Ukiyo-e Ukiyo-e: Mt. Fuji, a triumph of the Thirty-six Views

2.5cm (22.5cm) Shiratake

The representative work of Hokusai KATSUSHIKA, the thirty-six view of Mt. Fuji, and

A gentle southwind, called the triumph of the blue sky, blown away the haze of the haze, and was magnificently vividThe red Fuji sobs up.

The snow of the surface of Mt. Fuji is melted, and its red color is attracted by the magnificent presence of Mt. Fuji, which is the skin of the skin.

Hokusai drew a variety of films from Fuji in his last years, and the 'triumphant clear, clear red Fuji' produced by Hokusai is a popular piece of work.

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