Edo Sensu (folding fan) No. 15 Horse Horse 9 (It works well

a successful fan

I'm going to be able to read it all right, and I'll read it all right.There are many names and writing-names for good luck and good characters for the purpose of history.Everything is going to be okay, and everything's going to work.
A long time ago, the horses of nine horses
It is said that it is good to express luck, fortune, fortune, family fortune, fortune, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck in the entrance exam, and good luck in the entrance exam, and for the good luck of the entrance exam.
In addition, all the nine horses in the fan are left pointing to the left.The 'Left Horse' is a good omen.because there's nothing to the right,You're going to have the best power in the best match of the game.It's said to be.So,I hear that the horse of the ema is on the left.

Wild horses do not flock.In the past, it might have been said that ' when you meet the horses of nine horses, you have good things. '


It is a type of 'hanjibutsu' (a type of Japanese style).It is written with meanings of letters and pictures, but it is something that is meant to solve the meaning.a word or thing or meaning that is concealed from a person's meaning.

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7.5 cm (22.5cm) Karotochiku

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