Edo Sensu No.15 "UMAKUIKU" - everything goes well.

"UMAKUIKU" - everything goes well.

These Chinese characters "馬九行駆" or "馬九行久" means 9 horsed and called UMAKUIKU means in Japanese "everything goes well" by reading, which puns on a word.

Because of its good luck sounds, there is much variety of way of writing for "UMAKUIKU".

The wild horse forms groups. 

In old days it might have been saying, "if you see 9 horses, it brings good luck."

Edo Sensu (holding hand fan) "HANJIMONO"

Chic wordplay in the Edo era

"HANJIMONO" is a kind of riddle-like conundrum. Giving a different meaning in a picture or word, makes people solve the riddle. Also often it gives a good luck meaning for their life. 

Commodity details:

7.5cm (22.5cm) Tang Bong Bak

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