Edo folding fan No.15 "Bakku go (It will go well)

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A fan that goes well

Bakku Gyoretsu and Bakku Gyokyu are ... all read as "It will go well". There are various ways to call and write these characters because of their auspiciousness and applied characters.It also means "all will go well" or "everything will go well.
Since olden times, the nine horses have been..,
It is said to represent the nine lucky charms: luck in victory, luck in money, luck in career, luck in family, luck in love, luck in health, prosperity in business, a good catch and a good harvest, and success in entrance examinations.
Also, the nine horses on the fan are all facing left,The "left horse" is also a good omen,It is also a symbol of good luck, as it means "there is nothing to the right."It is said to bring luck in the game, and to show superior power at the most critical moment.It is said to be a good match for the best of the best. Therefore,The horse on the ema (votive tablet) is also said to face left.

Wild horses herd together. It may have been said in the past, "If you meet a nine-horse horse, good things will happen to you.

What is "hanjimono"?

A "hanjimono" is a kind of riddle. It is a riddle to solve the meaning of a character or picture that has been written under the guise of a certain significance. It is to guess the meaning of a hidden word or thing.

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7.5" (22.5cm) Karakotsu bamboo

Made by Ijasen

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