Edo sensu No. 18

7.5 cm (22.5 cm) white bamboo

Kumadori is the color of the color itself and the color of the color, and it is the method of making the perspective, and the technique of the Japanese painting puts it into a three-dimensional feeling.

It is said that he was the first danjuro Ichikawa in Kabuki. It is said to have gotten the hint of kumatori from the joruri doll.

Kabuki started in the Edo period, but there was a problem that the Playhouse at that time did not have electric lighting, and it was dark, so there was a problem that the expression of the actor was difficult to understand, and it is said that the actor had a showy kumatori pattern on the white face so that the expression of the actor was easy to understand.

Kumadori's color is also meaningful, red is justice, blue is evil, Brown is magic, and there are various kinds of shape, and there are about 100 kinds.

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