Edo fan No.18 "KUMADORI

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7.5cm (22.5cm) White bamboo

Kumatori is a method of creating perspective by using colors and shades of colors.

It is said that Danjuro Ichikawa I started kumadori in Kabuki. It is said that he got the idea for kumadori from joruri puppets.

Kabuki began in the Edo period (1603-1867), when playhouses were dimly lit without electric lighting, making it difficult to see the actors' expressions.

The colors of the kumadori also have meanings: red for justice, blue for evil, brown for demons, and there are about a hundred different shapes and forms.

Made by Ibasen

You can see which of the three types of Sumitori fans by Ibasen is which from the list on the left.

The leftmost one is the most common one used in Kabuki, Sujiguma, which is a typical kumagori of Aragoto.

arrowheadSoga Goro in

The middle one is Mukimiguma, a little delicate and sexy.

Sukeroku in "Sukeroku Yui Edo SakuraSukeroku

On the right is Saruguma, a dynamic samurai, but used in roles that are funny and humorous.

Kobayashi in Kotobuki Soga no MukaiAsahina

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