Edo folding fan

7.5 cm (22.5 cm) white bamboo

The scene of 'Kanagawa no namanairi' is a picture of the ukiyoe 'fugaku sanjurokei' which is a famous place of Hokusai Katsushika.

It is the masterpiece of the series in the same way as "quietness clear" and is the most widely known world famous Hokusai.

It is a world-famous work that has been influenced by Impressionism and is said to be big wave in foreign countries.

In the dynamic composition, the screen where the static and dynamic intersects is a word of the press. People who desperately climb the ship to the waves like raging nails on the backdrop of a rugged, modest Mt. Fuji.

It is also fascinated by its bright color.

It is housed in a famous museum and Museum in Japan and abroad.

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