Edo Sensu No.21 "KAMAWANU" - I don't mind. Navy Blue 

"KAMAWANU" - I don't mind.

The picture of the sickle is called "KAMA", a wheel is called "WA" and the Japanese character NU. Joining all these characters mean "KAMAWANU" which means I don't mind.

This pattern was young people's more fave in the Edo era. Especially since after Kabuki actor Danjyuro Ichikawa wore the stage costume with the "KAMAWANU" pattern, it hits outbreak of popularity for downtown people.

Edo Sensu (holding hand fan) "HANJIMONO"

Chic wordplay in the Edo era

"HANJIMONO" is a kind of riddle-like conundrum. Giving a different meaning in a picture or word, makes people solve the riddle. Also often it gives a good luck meaning for their life. 

The product details:

7.5 寸 (22.5cm) white bamboo

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