Edo Sensu No.25 Double-sided pattern "MIMASUMON"

Kabuki actor founder Danjuro Ichikawa devised from the "lightning story", and then it became a family crest. 

Inside a large square cup, there is a medium cup, and also in the medium size cup, there is a small cup called "MASU". These layers of three square cups are called "MIMASUMON" depicted the shape looked from above. "MI" means three. "MON" is a crest.

There is a variety of design positioning of the "MIMASU", such as scatter around or between lines.

"MASU" also means increasing, which is auspicious.

It is also called "MITSU-IRE-KO-MASU". "KO" means kids.

Printed on both sides.

Edo Sensu (holding hand fan) "HANJIMONO"

Cool wordplay in the Edo era

"HANJIMONO" is a kind of riddle-like conundrum. Giving a different meaning in a picture or word, makes people solve the riddle. Also often it gives a good luck meaning for their life. 



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