Edo sensu No. 25 double faced pattern samubumi

Kabuki actor founder danjuro Ichikawa devised from the "lightning story", and then it became a family crest. It is called 'mimasu bun' which is made of large, medium and small masu, and the shape seen from above is patterned. There are various variations, such as those which scattered the 'samasu' and the one with a 'samasu' between stripes. The word 'masu' is said to be similar to 'increasing', and it is said to have good luck. It is also called 'sanneko masu.'

Printed on both sides.

Hanjiki '

"Hanimono" is a kind of riddles. While writing the meaning in characters and pictures, the meaning is solved. Describe the words, things and meanings hidden.


7.5 sun

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