Edo Fan No. 3 Ukiyoe East Kaido Fifty-Thirteen Early Higashinabashi

7.5 dimensions (22.5 cm) White salt

Daikawa Hiroji Tokaido Five Book Nippon Nihonbashi

Illustration Ukiyoe Introductory Inagaki Extract excerpt from one part

"Large-ordered picture. Tenpo 4 years. 〽〽 Edo Nihonbashi Nanitsu It is a picture of the sake of the Edo Mood, which seems to hear from the screen. Early morning seven times (4 am) When a wooden door is opened, the Daimyo matrix that has the right to do the fitness head at the beginning of the pinching box and hair will go to the west.

South units, わ, 八 八 八 重 重 重 重 見 見 見 見 見 見 重 重 重 重 重 意 意 意 意.

A high pag (such a) that wrote forbidden or established on the left side. A fish shop that has a matrix before that.

There is a fish river shore that will trade all two to the other side of the bridge.

Square has established a position as a first person in the landscape manager with success of this series. "

Above, from the excerpt.

Background colors said, "one-letter blur" are simple blurry as a single letter, expressing time and seasons.

Merchants and puppies with bridges are also adorable, and Edo people 's lively and horny scene will communicate now.

Hirosuke is a pioneer in modern camera angle. The bold composition is also imitated by impressionists, and is the Edo Ukiyo-e-painter.

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