Hiogi, 'Hanabuma', wooden stand, Kiribako (paulown box)

Iba Sensen is a high-end gift gidson for gifts.
(with stands and large paulowboxes)

As a gift, it is an ornamental fan that is best suited for decorative points in the room.

In the early Edo period, it was a motif of 'Hanakuma' by painters of the Kano school.In addition, there are cherry blossoms and red and white plum trees.

Hi-ogi (Japanese cypress): Iba Sengen Original Sensu, 24
price -150,000 (separate consumption tax)
Materials Wooden (Japanese cypress wood)

Kyo-sensu (folding fan): ' Hanabisha

Sensu was born in Kyoto.

Its history is old, and it goes back to the Heian period.

It is said that the first fan, 'Hi-ogi,' was born in the Heian period, which was used in the Heian period, which was used as a replacement for the paper.

It is said to be the oldest cypress fan in Japan, which was found in the arms of the Thousand-armed Goddess of the Thousand-armed Kannon in To-ji Temple, which was recorded in the first year of the Genkei.

This cypress fan is the original method of making the handle of 'Hana-sha' (a flower cart) on a thin sheet of Japanese cypress with the latest techniques of modern makie (Japanese lacquer makie) and the technique of the craftsmen in Kyoto.

Make a thought of the old days of the Heian period, and take up the decorations at the end of the year.

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