Hinoki "hanakusa" Kano school wooden stand / kiriboshi

It is a high grade fan for gift giving by Sen Sen.
(with stand and large Paulownia box)

It is the best decoration fan for the point decoration in the room even for gift.

In the early Edo period, it is a motif of "hanakusa" by the Kano school painter. In addition, there are cherry blossoms and red and white plums.

Hinoki iisen original fan
Price 15000 (excluding consumption tax)
Material Wooden (cypress wood)

Kyo senshi hinogi 'Hanabusa'

Sensu was born in Kyoto.

Its history dates back to the Heian period.

It is said that the first fan "hinogi" was born from the combination of mokkan that was used instead of the record paper in the Heian period when the God was valuable.

It is said that it was the oldest hiogi in Japan which was found in the arms of Senju Kannon statue of to Ji Temple.

This Hinoki fan is the original of the design of the modern flower Makie and the craftsmen of Kyoto craftsman.

In the old days of the Heian period, please be careful.

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