As for that, the cat and the guardian of the cat

It is a play which consists of three pieces of Daiichi, which is the place where the cat favorite Kung Fu of the Tokaido gojusan Tsuji is replaced with the kujiguchi of the cat.

Nihonbashi = 'Kawaii' and two oats

Totsuka found a mouse

Please look for everyone. Small furoshiki is large size handkerchief size. Please wrap your lunch box, decorate the wall, and enjoy the ukiyoe of kuniyoshi in Edo.

  • Size: about 48xm X 48 cm
  • Material: Cotton 100%
  • Made in Japan

* although the image is corrected to the same color as the actual commodity, the difference of the color may come out depending on the difference of the environment and the monitor.
* depending on the time of manufacture may vary slightly.

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