Jikuchi cat tastes kobu-shiki kobutaishiki

It is a caricature consisting of Otoshi (three major trays) which were replaced by cat-like kuni-ho (a kind of pun) which was functed as a cat that appears on the Tokaido Gojusan-tsugi.

Nihonbashi-Nihonbashi-Obukushi (a Japanese bridge), two and two slates

Tozuka found the mice in the ' Hatsuka '

I'd like you to find out.Koburoshiki was the size of the handkerchief of Oban.Enjoy the ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) or ukiyoe (Japanese woodblock prints) in Edo to wrap up bento (lunch box)

  • Size: Approximated 48xm x 48 cm
  • Materials: 100 % cotton
  • Manufacturing: Made in Japan

*This image is fixed in the same color as the actual product, but the difference between the environment and the monitor may differ slightly depending on the environment or the monitor.
*The size may vary slightly depending on the time of production.

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