Storage of the ground cat rear

It is a caricature that consists of three large-scale carriages that have been able to have a peton who likes the houses that appeared in the east of the east of the east of the east.

It was dyed as a hand wipe with the cooperation with Nihonbashi Izasen, a version.

Iaceta × Rikyu-Restaurant Collaboration

※ This hand wipe is dyed using two shapes.
Because it is repeating a series of work from gluing, staining, water washing, and drying,
Please note that the stretching and distortion of the fabric is caused by distortion.

About 37 × 90 cm Cotton Cotton 100% Traditional Crafts [Infection], please be aware that the color will move with sweat or friction at the beginning. When washing, please hand with plenty of water alone. Please avoid immersing.

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