Ibasen Uchiwa-e, the first Utagawa Toyokuni, 12 months now, No.12, Tatetsuki (December of the Yin calendar)

Uchiwa-e is one of the styles of Ukiyo-e drawn in the Edo period.
Ukiyo-e has been used as a fan by cutting off excess parts on bamboo bones.
Uchiwa-e has a high value as a painting and has been loved by the people of Edo for decoration.
In Ibasen, as the publisher of the still-loved ukiyo-e artists such as Toyokuni Utagawa, Yoshi Kuniyo, and Hiroshige.
We have a variety of Uchiwa-e paintings such as landscape paintings and bijin-ga.

Size: length 30 cm, width 42 cm

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