Fan Painting by Utagawa Toyokuni I, No.2, Kisaragi (February in the lunar calendar)

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Uchiyo-e is one of the styles of ukiyo-e painted in the Edo period.
Ukiyoe was used as an ukiyoe fan by cutting off the excess parts of the ukiyoe on a bamboo frame.
Ukiyo-e has a high value as a painting and has been loved by the people of Edo as a decorative item.
Ibasen has been the publisher of many Ukiyo-e artists who are still loved today, such as Utagawa Toyokuni I, Kunitayoho, and Hiroshige,
We have a wide variety of fan paintings including landscapes and beautiful women's paintings.

Size: 30 cm (length), 42 cm (width)

Made by Ijasen

Size: 30 x 42 cm

Pattern: Toyokuni Kisaragi