Fujin Raijin Tsu Uchiwa

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Traditional crafts - Tsu Uchiwa - Fujinraijin

Uchiwa is an indispensable tool for Japanese people to keep cool in the hot summer.

Miyako Uchiwa is characterized by its precisely aligned bamboo frame and beautiful design.

It is a traditional Kyoto craft made of high quality domestic materials and passed down through the generations using advanced techniques.

37.5cm x 24 xmJapanese cedar pattern

Mounting paper: black

(1) The black mount serves as a fan stand.

(2) Fold the stripes into a triangular shape and fasten them with the inset.

3) Insert the fan and you are done.

The reference photo is Hokusai Akafuji.

Size: 37.5 x 24 cm

Pattern: Wind God and Thunder God