Hokusai Naniura Tsu Uchiwa

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Traditional crafts: Hokusai Hokusai Uchiwa, Naniura

Uchiwa is an indispensable tool for Japanese people to keep cool in the hot summer.

The "Miyako Uchiwa" features a precisely arranged frame of bamboo strips and beautiful designs.

It is a traditional Kyoto craft made of high quality domestic materials and passed down through the generations using advanced techniques.

37.5cm x 24 xmJapanese cedar pattern

Mounting paper: black

(1) The black mount serves as a fan stand.

(2) Fold the stripes into a triangular shape and fasten them with the inset.

3) Insert the fan and you are done.

The reference photo is Hokusai Akafuji.

Size: 37.5 x 24 cm

Pattern: Hokusai Naniura