Ukiyoe Hiroshige "Musashi Chofu / Tama River", Edo Ukiyoe, Rokutama River, Japan

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Ukiyoe Edo fan paintings (nishikie, Yamato-type) were produced by the publisher Ibasen as multicolor printed fan paintings (uchiwa-e) by Hiroshige and Kuniyoshi, masters of the Utagawa school. Ibasen printed and produced this work based on this only existing woodblock print.

 This is a visualization of the Touka poem in the Manyoshu, a collection of poetry written by the poetIt depicts the Nunozarashi of the Tama River.

Size: 37 cm (length), 29.5 cm (width)

Made by Ijasen

Fan stand is not included.

Size: 37 x 29.5 cm

handle: Hiroshige "Musashi Chofu / Tama River" Various Rokutama River