Ijasenban Fan Painting No.13 Kuniyoshi Painted Kagamidai Goukagami

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Ukiyoe Edo fan paintings (nishikie, Yamato-type) were produced by the publisher Ibasen as multicolor printed fan paintings (uchiwa-e) by Hiroshige and Kuniyoshi, masters of the Utagawa school. Ibasen printed and produced this work based on this only existing woodblock print.

Kuniyoshi, a cat lover, depicts three mimics of cats. From left to right, they are Hannya, Mimizuku, and Shishigashira (lion's head). The three mimics of cats are the same fashionable picture as the cat's guesses.

Size: 30 cm (length), 42 cm (width)

Made by Ijasen

Size: 30 x 42 cm

Pattern: Kuniyoshi painted mirror stand

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