No. 17 伊場仙版団扇絵 Hiroshige Edo famous place snow

版元伊場仙 produced the ukiyoe print Edo round fan picture (color woodblock print, Yamato type) as a polychromatic woodcut print round fan painting (I get a round fan) by eminent scholar, Hiroshige, 国芳筆 which descended from the Utagawa group. Based on this woodcut image which existed alone, 伊場仙 printed it this time and produced it.

Two geishas walk snowy Nakanomachi. I greatly picture a night-light of Akiha honorific title of a Japanese god worshiped to water service buttocks in this side, and contralateral Daimon is expressed with the ukiyoe print which made full use of seeing through perspective drawing. Inquiry gets a Western perspective representation what I mastered Hiroshige.

Size 30cm in height 42cm in width

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