Silk fan in paulownia wood box

7" (21cm) 35cm, set with paulownia box and bag

Ibasen's original domestic fan dyed in traditional Edo colors on silk. It is ideal as a gift.

Six traditional Japanese colorsCoral, dew grass, indigo, yellow narcissus, dragonflower, strawberry color)We have prepared the following colors.

Price of silk fan: 10,000 yen
Cost of hand-painted flower pattern : 5,000 yen (12 months and all year round x 6 types each)
We also offer name imprinting service along with flower pattern hand-painting.

*To order, please select a fan of your favorite color from the silk fans. Please select your desired flower.

  • Original handwritten flower pattern:Click here to see the flower pattern.
  • Personalized service If you would like us to personalize it, please write your desired first name and last name in the memo orchid.

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