Add your original name on your fan

Ideal as a gift for those who have been kind to you.

A calligrapher will add a name or any character on an Edo fan, Shikebiki fan and cloth fan.

(This service is not available on Shibu-Sensu, Sandalwood, Sandalwood and Hinoki Sensu as its ink is not suitable.)

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

A photograph sample: added the first name into Edo fan and silk fan

Order method: Please order this service on top of your order of fan itself.

1. First, please order your fan from the other page

Edo fan order is from Here
Shikibiki fan order is from Here

2. In this page, order "color", "position" and "name / characters"

Note: if you order more than two fans, please indicate the fan name and each name for each fan.

* The place to name might be not exactly what you indicate as the calligrapher's decision.

A Calligrapher, Ms Hikawa's certificate.

Color sample

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