How to properly store a fan? How to use and maintain it to make it last longer

Some of you may love to use a fan when you want to add a touch of fashion or when you want to cool off during the hot season. It would be ideal if such a favorite fan could be used indefinitely. However, since fans are basically consumable goods, the same item cannot be used forever. It is difficult to avoid deterioration over time if you continue to use it for a long time.


In order to keep using such fans as long as possible, daily usage and storage methods are important. Let's prolong the life of your precious folding fans by storing and caring for them in an appropriate manner. In this article, we will introduce storage methods that you should keep in mind if you own a fan. We will also tell you how to use and maintain them, so let's go over them again.

How to keep your folding fan for a long time

As we mentioned earlier, fans are consumable items, but they can be used longer depending on how they are handled on a daily basis. Please refer to the following tips to store your valuable folding fans. First, we will introduce the proper way to store your folding fan in order to make it last as long as possible.

Keep a dry environment

Since folding fans are items that do not like humidity, it is important to keep them in a dry environment when storing them. Excessive humidity can lead to blistering of the paper, deformation of the frame, and the formation of mold, so please be careful. When storing, it is best to use a desiccant to dehumidify the paper. When storing with desiccant, it is important to avoid direct contact with the fan. Please note that the ingredients of the desiccant may stain the fan.

Avoid high temperatures

There are concerns that fans may deform, crack, or lose their shape when placed in a high-temperature environment. When storing them, choose a cool place with minimal temperature fluctuations throughout the year. When storing fans, choose a location away from windows and doors, as it is easier to avoid the effects of outside temperature and humidity. Storage areas or shelves near windows are generally not suitable for storing fans because of the extreme temperature fluctuations.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Leaving a fan in direct sunlight for a long period of time may cause discoloration, sunburn, or cracking of the bamboo of the frame. The key to keeping a fan beautiful is to store it in a place away from sunlight through a window. Store them out of direct sunlight to avoid deterioration that could spoil their appearance and comfort of use.

Use a "sesame

A "sesame" is an item that keeps the fan from opening when it is not in use. Generally, a cime made of Japanese paper or rubber is used. Since fastening a folding fan with a cime helps prevent it from losing its shape, please use it when storing it. By maintaining the proper shape of the fan, it will not only look beautiful, but it will also stay open and close smoothly for a long time. We recommend that you keep and use the corkscrews that come with your fan when you purchase it.

Put it in a fan bag or storage case.

Putting the fan in a fan bag or a special storage case will help protect it. It is convenient for carrying and storing the fan, as it prevents the fabric from being torn by the impact of a bump, color migration, or stains. When placing a fan in these bags, please make sure that they are well ventilated. We recommend cloth bags. On the other hand, plastic bags have poor ventilation and are prone to moisture accumulation, so choose with an eye to the material.

How to maintain your fan after use

When using a fan on a daily basis, it is likely to get wet or dirty. After using a fan, you want to perform appropriate maintenance to keep it clean. Here we introduce how to maintain your fan after use.

When a fan gets wet

When a fan gets wet due to sweat or rain, it is important to wipe off the moisture as soon as possible. After wiping off the water, dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight to dry it thoroughly. Taking first aid measures will help prevent damage to the fan caused by water damage.

When a fan gets dirty

If a fan gets dirty, such as from a hand stain, remove the stain using a method appropriate for the material of the fan. Basically, it is handled by lightly wiping with a cloth moistened with lukewarm water or alcohol. However, please note that lukewarm water and alcohol may not be suitable for some materials.

How to open and close a fan to prevent damage

To keep your fan in good condition, be aware of how you use it on a daily basis. The manner in which you open and close the folding fan will make it easier to prolong the life of your precious fan without damaging it. Finally, we will explain how to open and close a fan in a way that is less likely to damage it.

How to open a folding fan to prevent damage

When opening a fan, first hold it gently with both hands with the fan's main bone facing upward. Then, gently press down with your thumbs to slide the parent bone toward the right side of the fan as if facing away from you, and spread it out slightly. From this state, be aware that you should use both hands to gently and carefully spread it out. When using a fan, the key to making it last longer is to open it slowly with both hands. On the contrary, the use of spreading it out quickly all at once is likely to damage the fan and should be avoided.

How to close the fan to avoid damaging it

When closing a folding fan, first hold it open with both hands. Then, carefully pull it along the folds of the fan and close it slowly from the edge. The point is to use both hands when closing the fan. If you use only one hand to close the fan, the fabric of the fan will easily fold in different directions. This can also cause your precious fan to lose its shape, so use both hands even when closing it.

Keep your valuable folding fans for a long time by storing them in the correct way.

So far, we have introduced the proper way to store fans. To prolong the life of a fan, it is important to store it away from high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight. It is also effective to use a "ceme" to hold the fan in place or to put it away in a fan bag or storage case to keep it in good shape forever. By paying attention to how you use your fan on a daily basis, you will be able to keep using your precious fan for as long as possible.


Ibasen, a long-established folding fan maker since the Edo period, offers a variety of convenient items for storing your precious fans. If you are looking for a special bag or box to store your folding fan, please visit Ibasen's online store.


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扇子袋のサイズ 扇子の種類
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Ijasen also offers a paulownia box for folding fans that can be used to store them. If you are purchasing a fan and a fan bag, please consider a paulownia box as well. Paulownia wood is known as a material that is resistant to humidity, which is a weak point of folding fans, and it is also expected to prevent insects and mold. Please make use of our high-class paulownia boxes for storing folding fans and fan bags.

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