What tools do you need for chess? Necessities and things that can enhance the atmosphere of the game.

Shogi, a traditional Japanese game of chess, is beautiful even from the tools used in the game. When you see a professional player playing Shogi, you may think, "I want to play Shogi with real Shogi tools too! You may feel a longing to play Shogi with authentic tools. In this article, we will introduce tools necessary for playing Shogi and tools that enhance the atmosphere of a game. If you are just starting to play Shogi or if you want to enjoy the hobby even more, please read this article for reference.

Essential Tools for Shogi

If you are going to start playing Shogi, what kind of tools should you prepare first? In recent years, there are many Shogi sets available on the market, but some people may want to use more serious tools to enjoy their hobby. First of all, let us introduce the essential tools for playing Shogi.

Shogi board

The Shogi board is a board on which Shogi pieces are played. 81 squares (9 x 9) are lined up symmetrically. The longer square is vertical and the shorter square is horizontal. Shogi boards on the market vary widely in price depending on the material and type of board. Here are the main types of Shogi boards, so please take a look at them to help you choose the right one.


Shogi board with legs

Shogi boards are shaped like a table with legs on the four corners and are used on the floor of tatami mats. The price tends to be higher for boards made of high-grade wood, thicker boards, and boards made of a single piece of wood. Since they are generally expensive, they are recommended for those who want to enjoy playing Shogi in earnest.


Tabletop Shogi Board

This is a Shogi board without legs that can be placed on a desk. Since it can be used outside of a Japanese-style room, it is suitable for today's lifestyle in which people spend most of their time with a desk and chair. Also, since it is less expensive than a Shogi board with legs, it is recommended for those who want to start playing Shogi casually.


Folding Shogi Board

This is a compact type of Shogi board that can be folded in half, making it easy to carry around. Many products made of plastic are available at reasonable prices. Some can store pieces inside, and some come with a set of pieces with magnets. We recommend this product to those who are looking for a lightweight shogi board for use on the road, for example.

Shogi Pieces

There are eight types of Shogi pieces, and a total of 40 pieces are used in a game. We have a wide variety of products, such as pieces made of high-grade wood and pieces with beautiful fonts. It is a good idea to enjoy playing a game with your own special Shogi pieces. On the other hand, there are also Shogi pieces for beginners to learn Shogi with the direction to go for each type of piece. If you have just started playing Shogi, it is one way to learn the rules by using learning pieces first.

Tools to enhance the atmosphere of a game of Shogi if you have them

The following tools will further enhance the atmosphere of a game of Shogi. If you want to enjoy playing Shogi at home, why not prepare them in addition to the essential tools? Next, we would like to introduce the following tools for those who want to enjoy the game even more.

Koma-dai (a stand for pieces)

A koma-dai is a stand on which pieces taken from your opponent are placed. In Shogi, there is a rule to place the pieces you have taken so that your opponent can see them. By preparing a koma-dai, you can create an atmosphere unique to Shogi. There are different types of piece stands, such as those with legs and those used on a tabletop. It is important to choose a piece stand that is visible to your opponent and a little lower than the shogi board.

Game Clock

A game clock is a clock that displays the time you and your opponent have during a game, and has a timer function that moves or stops the hand each time you press a button to measure the time consumed for each move. A stopwatch can be used as a substitute, but a dedicated clock allows you to experience the tension of the game.

Pawn Bags and Pawn Boxes

This is a bag and box for storing Shogi pieces. Shogi pieces are placed in a piece bag, and the bag is then placed in a piece box. There are various types of patterns for the bag and materials for the box, so you can find the design you like.

Side Breath

This is an elbow rest for leaning back when sitting down. It makes it more comfortable when playing Shogi sitting on the floor, such as in a Japanese-style room. During games that require a high level of concentration, some professional shogi players lean on the kyoso while contemplating the game.

folding fan

Many professional Go players play games in kimono. You have probably seen professionals in kimono holding a fan in their hands during a game. In Shogi, which has been played traditionally in Japan, a fan has long been one of the possessions of a professional Go player. The professionals not only use the fan to cool off, but also use it in various ways to enhance their concentration, such as by keeping rhythm with the sound of the fan opening and closing, or by holding it in their hands. Why don't you try to play a game with a fan in your hand like a professional Go player?


Ibasen, a long-established fan shop, offers a wide variety of fans that can be used in Shogi games. With a wide variety of fan sizes and designs, you can find an attractive one suitable for a shogi player's possession. If you are looking for a fan to enhance the atmosphere of a game of Shogi, please visit the Ijasen online store.

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Enhance your Shogi equipment to make your game even more enjoyable!

In this issue, we introduced the tools for playing Shogi. Basically, you only need a shogi board and shogi pieces to play shogi. In addition, you can enjoy the atmosphere of Shogi by selecting a full-fledged Shogi board and pieces, and by enhancing the tools such as a piece stand and a game clock. To enjoy the hobby of Shogi even more, let's try to arrange the special tools for your Shogi.