How to recognize a good fan

Structure of folding fan

Structure of a fan

What is a good fan?

Various types of folding fans are sold these days. Most fans are made by hand and are crafts that express the skills of each individual craftsman. If used carefully, they will last for many years.

1. about paper

Looking at a closed fan from the front, check that it is symmetrical throughout and that the folded part of the bound fan paper is flat. If it is straight here, it is evidence of skilled craftsmanship.

Cross-section of a folding fan

2. about the bone

Bamboo is usually made of moso bamboo. The thicker and straighter the better, and to make a fan bone, the bamboo is shaved into three pieces to make it uniform in thickness. The inner flesh part is also used, but the skin part is more durable. Even in the case of fan bones, those using the skin part of the bamboo are called kawabone (skin bone). The surface of the inner and outer bones is smooth and shiny, which is a high quality product using a leather bone. The middle bone is sometimes carved with a variety of openwork patterns.

Bone of a folding fan

3. about the middle bone

Spread out the fan and look through it in front of a light. Is the middle bone properly inserted to the top of the fan? If the space between the top of the fan and the top of the middle bone is less than 1 cm, it is a good fan. If this space is too wide, the fan will be fragile and will not be able to send a good breeze because it will lose its elasticity.

Middle bone of a folding fan


4. about the kaname

Kaname is literally the most important part. It should be neither too loose nor too tight.
In the past, we used whale's whiskers, but now we use good quality plastic.