a good fan-distinguishing method

fan structure

fan structure

What good fan is

Various types of fan have been sold these days, most of them manually made, and the crafts that represent the skills of each craftsman, which if used in large measure, will be held for many years.


1) About paper.

Look at the closed fan from the front to see if it is left-right symmetrical to the whole, flat where the paper of the spelled fan folded, and the straight here is evidence of the skilled craftsmanship.
fan section view

Two, about bones.

Bamboo usually grabs bamboo, which is thick and straight, and uses bamboo in three pieces to uniformize the thickness to use for fan bones; some use the inner meat part, but are tougher to use the skin piece. Even in the bones of the fan, the object using the bamboo skin part is called the skin bone (cattle bone), and the parent bone and middle bone are luxury items with the skin bones that have a smooth surface.


fan bone

3) About the middle bones.

Spread the fan and look watermarkly in front of the lights. Will the middle bones be neatly in the upper part of the fan surface? A good fan if the fan's heaven and upper end of the middle bone were less than 1 cm. It is easy to break if it is large and empty here, and it is not resilient and can not send good winds.
fan mesosteum

4. About the slut.

Kame is literally the most important part, and it is too loose or too tight.
In the old days, I used a beard of bullion, but now I use good quality plastic.