Kuniyoshi Utagawa

Yorimitsu MINAMOTO with spiders and monsters painting

1843(Tensho 14) : The Oban Nishiki three panel paintings

MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu's official residence, Tsuchigumo, a specter of yokai, Kuniyoshi

Minamoto no Yorimitsu, who is said to have conquered the "drinking spider" (tsuchigumo) of Oeyama, is being bewildered by the tsuchigumo demons.

Although there are other paintings of the extermination of demons on Mt. The pattern of Yorimitsu's wobbly kimono is a sheath shape, which means that it is the 12th Tokugawa shogun, Iekei Tokugawa.

The common people of Edo, who had grown weary of Mizuno's prohibition policy, began to buy these ukiyo-e prints in droves.

The publisher was Ibasen. Ibasen was not to be blamed for the enthusiasm of the people, as he quickly retrieved the prints and shaved off the woodblocks. Now, now...

Both Ibasen, the publisher, and the Utagawa school, to which Kuniyoshi belonged, had been serving the Edo shogunate, so to speak. They were not deprived of their rights and continued to publish caricatures with a rebellious spirit and a willingness to criticize the shogunate before and after the Edo Shogunate.

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Tadakuni MIZUNO

Minamoto no Yorik