Relationship between fan and fan

In ancient times, a noble woman of takamatsuzuka Kofun tumulus is a big fan made of a round tree with a lacquered tree on a stick of about 80 cm. It is the beginning of the folding fan to slice the fan part and fold it.

 The beginning of a fan

The beginning of a fan
China (song) 12th century


Hinoki is a Hinoki fan. However, hiogi itself is heavy, and it is possible to carry the paper and the bamboo to be convenient to carry. It appears in the Heian picture scroll. It is also a fan of the court nobles and Shogun who appears in the TV dramas. Since it was on the wings of the bat, it was also called "bat".
After that, the miniaturization has progressed.

 Hina dolls Hina dolls
Hina dolls


It was around the late Edo period that sensu became popular among the people in summer. Japanese sensu comes out overseas from around the 15th century. I crossed it to China, and then I went to Europe and became a fan of silk. Although it is a fan for the nobility, there are many fan craftsmen in Kyoto, Nanjing, Paris and Madrid.
On the other hand, fans were mainly used when busho commanded the army. You can see the prototype of the time in the military arrangement of the sumo wrestler.

The tale of Genji picture scroll 12th century  The tale of Genji picture scroll 12th century
The tale of Genji picture scroll 12th century
Kiyonaga torii the 18th century
Kiyonaga torii the 18th century


After that, the fan fan uses paper and bamboo to measure the weight. On top of the paper, the gold foil was painted and the picture of a painter was made into a rich pattern. In the middle of the Edo period, mass production and mass consumption become an age. The fan was not able to be used by handwriting, and it became the price that the common people could buy using the woodblock technology.

 Utamaro Kitagawa, 19th century Utamaro Kitagawa, 19th century
Utamaro Kitagawa, 19th century


At that time, Senba IBA used to be a publisher of Ukiyo-e prints, and was ordered by Toyo utagawa, kuniyoshi, Hiroshige, and so on to produce and sell "uchiwa fan as media" depicting the scenery and sightseeing spots in summer.