Edo Uchiwa Ukiyo-e Hiroshige Snow

Ukiyoe Edo-dan-e-e (Nishiki-e and Yamato type) was produced by the publisher, Hiroshige, who was descended from the Utagawa school, and by the handwriting of the government, the publisher Ibakensen as a polychromatic landscape gari-picture.The only extant woodblock prints were printed and produced by Ibsen Kesen.

Two geisha members walk along the town of snow.It is expressed in ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints), which excurred the right night lights of Akuha Gongen, which was enshrined in the water supply, to the opposite side of the gate, using the perspective of perspective on the perspective of perspective.It can be seen that Hiroshige was proficient in the Western perspective painting method.

Size: height, 37 cm, 29.5 cm

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