We will be holding our Winter 2020 Sale from December 1-10!☆
This is a very special period with savings ranging from 30% off up to 50% off.
These days, they are useful not only when it is hot, but also to prevent droplets when chatting. Why not take this opportunity to prevent infection in style?
This time, for the web only, 8 bottles of sandalwood will be half off! The early bird gets the worm! Don't miss this opportunity!

During the sale period, we will also have a grab bag of goodies.
It contains not only fans but also various fun items. They also make great little gifts for your friends. You can also bring them as souvenirs during the New Year's holiday!🎍

Ijasen Fun Bag

Sale excludes
Fan, Shikebiki Reprint Hon Urushi, some sandalwood, sandalwood, sandalwood, hinoki fan, flower arrangement fee, name insertion fee
Sale items, hand towel fans

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