Chuo City Recommended Souvenirs - sponsored by Chuo City Tourism Association - "Central Tokyo Premium Selection".The "Dragonfly Blue (double-sided pattern)" Edo folding fan was recognized in the "Mono" category by a Web vote!

This is an auspicious fan with a dragonfly (winning insect) design on a flat-boned Edo fan.

Chuo City Recommended Souvenir".What is it?(*Quotes from the Chuo City Tourism Association website)

Chuo City is a town where 400 years of Edo history and cutting-edge technology coexist.

The souvenirs of Chuo City, which has such a broad and deep appeal, will be decided by your submissions and votes!

There will be two divisions, "Food" and "Goods," and a total of 40 products, 20 in each division, will be recognized as "Central Tokyo Premium Selection" souvenirs representing Chuo City.

We look forward to your submissions of products that you can recommend and say, "This is Chuo City! We are looking forward to receiving your entries.

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