店内うちわセール うちわが半額でお求めいただけます。9月30日迄

In-Store Uchiwa Sale: Fans are available at half price until September 30.

We have a wide variety of Ukiyo-e Uchiyo-e Uchiwa (Japanese paper fan) and cloth Uchiwa (Japanese fan).
敬老の日 なかなか会えない大切な方への贈り物

Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Gifts for loved ones who are hard to meet

Due to the corona, we have not been able to see our grandparents. Why don't you send them a fan or an uchiwa on Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day?
天然ニスを塗り重ねた透明な「水うちわ」 店内で販売中。

Transparent "water fans" coated with natural varnish are available in the store.

The product was born from the rich river culture of Gifu, including handmade washi paper from Mino, lantern making from Gifu, and cormorant fishing from the Nagara River, as well...

Expect to see Claude Monet's "La Japonaise" fan.

This is still a first draft, but please stay tuned.

Notice of Website Renewal

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our website today.

Ukiyoe Fans and Souvenir Corner

How about an Edo uchiwa fan this summer?

How about an Edo fan with a hand towel pattern or yukata fabric?

This is a cotton fan with a hand towel pattern.There are 17 types of patterns such as goldfish, dragonfly, polka dots, etc. Please choose your favorite pattern. Please choose your...

Korin Ogata, Hokusai's folding screens, etc.

Folding screen with Korin OgataRed and white plum blossoms and swallowtail flowers on gold on paper

New Products for June

This is a fan made of persimmon tannin with a two-color composition, where the front and back sides of the fan are slightly different. It is a new product of...
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