Silk fan, collection of floral illustrations

Note: This offer is only applicable to orders of silk fans.

1. silk fan of your favorite color firstClick herePlease order the silk fan of your favorite color from here.

Select the flower design you would like to insert from the "Flower Types" list below.

Original hand-drawn floral design: from 6 types of flowers for each 12 months.Please select one of the 6 types of flowers for each of the 12 months.

Each flower is hand-drawn, so the color and shape may vary. Please understand. This is a one-of-a-kind fan just for you.

 The fan bag will also be decorated with flowers. If you would like it plain, please let us know in the memo.


Oshima Ren Profile
Born in Chiba Prefecture. Graduated from Otsuka Textile College, Crafts and Dyeing Department.
After working as a kimono designer at Yama Design Office, she is currently working on kimonos and yukatas at Lumix Design Studio Design.
At the same time, he designed greeting cards for a major stationery manufacturer, NBC Co. In addition, he has been involved in illustrations, cuts for magazines, illustrations, etc.
He is currently working with a Japanese taste, making use of the decorative qualities of crafts and yuzen.

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