These days are dazzling with the green of fresh greenery and the scent of early summer. It is cold in the morning and evening, but when you walk outside during the day, it feels warm and pleasant.

Ibasen's indigo-dyed fans were featured in the May issue of Kyushu Kingdom.

Here is an excerpt from the text:

Ibasen's fans are dyed with Tate indigo produced in Awa City, Tokushima Prefecture, in Saitama, the hometown of Shibusawa Eiichi, who is the focus of a major TV drama series, using an Edo period pattern. Ai is believed to be effective in deodorizing, repelling insects, and repelling snakes, and has been used for kimonos, tenugui hand towels, curtains, and various other applications since ancient times. The new wave pattern fan is limited to 50 pieces and comes with an indigo-dyed mask that will make a great gift.

Click here to see the collection of indigo-dyed fans.>>

Click here to see the limited edition of 50 indigo-dyed folding fans with wave patterns.>>

Why don't you feel the summer one step ahead?

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