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Hobby Dokki! August-September 2022
Experience Ukiyo-e! Real Ukiyo-e LIFE!

Ibasen's Ukiyo-e Edo Uchiwa was featured in the magazine.

President Seio Yoshida talks in detail about the appeal of Edo Uchiwa.

Ukiyoe fans (uchiwa) and Toyokuni Utagawa's "Imasama 12 Months" series.

He also picks up three ukiyoe fan paintings as Ukiyoe of Edo from the collections of the National Diet Library and the Tokyo National Museum.

Hiroshige Utagawa "Three Views of the Moon in the Eastern Capital: Autumn Moon at Takanawa
Utagawa Kuniyoshi "Toryu Neko no Rokkeisen
Utagawa Kunisada, "Seventh Month of the Five Seasonal Festivals

A few of the remaining Edo period woodblocks are also introduced here.

It will be on sale from August 2 to September 27, 2022!
Broadcast on E-television every Tuesday from 9:30-9:55 p.m. Rebroadcast from 0:15-0:14 p.m.

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