We are pleased to publish an interview with CINC, a marketing company that provided us with web marketing support last year. Please take a look.

Edofolding fanOverwhelming Results of Web Marketing Efforts by Ibasen, a Long-established Manufacturer of Edo Fans
https://www.cinc-j.co.jp/service/analytics/case/ibasen(Jump to CINC page)

The following is an excerpt from the page:

Founded in 1590, the company boasts a history of more than 430 years, and is located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.folding fanLtd., a long-established Japanese goods company in Nihonbashi, Tokyo with a history of more than 430 years, founded in 1590.Ibasen」。

The company has been well known by many customers for its reliable craftsmanship backed by tradition and trust. Recently, many foreign tourists have visited the store and the demand for inbound goods is booming.

Another characteristic of Ibasen is its willingness to take on new challenges, such as website and e-commerce operations, as well as Metaverse, NFT, and overseas business development, without resting on its laurels of tradition.

From a long-established company that has been loved by Edo people to the world -- Ibasen Co. In this issue, we would like to introduce you to the Corporation.Ibasen Mr. Yoshida, President and Representative Director of the 14thNobuo(This time we talked to Mr. Nobuo Yoshida, President and Representative Director of 14th Generation Co. He is accompanied by consultants Yoshida Yoshida, Manager of Consulting Department, Marketing DX Division, CINC, and Ohashi Yuki, also a marketing consultant.

(Reporting by CINC, Text by K's Office, Photography by Hiroki Yajima)

:CINC https://corp.cinc-j.co.jp/

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