Indigo is a traditional Japanese color.
For summer attireindigofans for summer wear.


Ibasen has been in Nihonbashi for 430 years. Ibasen was known as the publisher of famous ukiyoe artists such as Toyokuni I, Kuniyoshi, and Hiroshige during the Edo period, and specializes in fans and folding fans.

New this year are indigo-dyed fans. Indigo dyeing is known for its ability to deodorize, repel insects, and protect against snakes and other harmful insects.repelling insects and snakes.It has been used for various purposes such as kimonos, tenugui hand towels, and noren (curtains).

Last year, we were approached by an indigo dyeing craftsman, and we spent a year working on it," says company president, Seio Yoshida.

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