February 14 is Valentine's Day.
Women give chocolate as a means of expressing their feelings for men.
Then, a month later, on White Day, the men return the favor.

What did women do in the past to convey their feelings to men?
In fact, there have been Valentine-like exchanges since the Heian period (794-1192).
What was used was a fan.
The woman would write a song about her feelings on the fan and give it to the man, who would write his reply on the back of the fan. It seems that in the Heian period, people chose their partners based on their family background, education, characters, and writing style, without seeing each other's faces. They covered their faces with a fan and interacted with the other person without ever meeting.
Strangely enough, it is similar to the corona excess of today.

Send a fan to someone you cannot meet, and when you meet them, enjoy a little chat with them while covering your mouth with the fan.

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