A fan" has been attracting attention as a way to prevent infection by the new type of coronavirus. How about an Ijasen folding fan for droplet prevention?

Indigo-dyed fan with antibacterial mask made of 100% natural indigo, bag set

Natural indigo is used for indigo-dyed fans. You can choose from 3 patterns (Aomiha, Shizuku, or Nami) of indigo-dyed fans, which have antibacterial, deodorizing, and moisture-retaining effects. Comes with an antibacterial mask made of 100% natural indigo.

Kannishiki Shibu Sensu

These astringent paper fans use a new persimmon tannin paint that eliminates the unique smell of persimmon tannin. Kakishibu has antibacterial properties. How about an anti-bacterial preventive measure with a larger fan?

to ward off bad luck and evil spirits

Kimono patterns of the Taisho era include checkered pattern, hemp leaf pattern, arrow-gasuri pattern, and scaly pattern.
Scales" in particular are known as a design to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. How about Ibasen's original Edo fan that can prevent bacteria and ward off evil at the same time?

Edo folding fan, bound goods

Hanjimono," which has been used since the Edo period (1603-1868), also has various meanings.
Edo fans such as "It will go well" and "Mubai" are used to wish for the early cessation of the coronavirus.

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