It seems that Saturday, March 26, 2022 this year is the strongest lucky day of "One Grain, One Day".

It is the day when "Ichigum Banbaku Hi", "Tensho Hi", "Tora no Hi", and "Year of the Tiger" come together.

On this day, buy or start using 00! It seems to be the best day to do so.

How about a green fan?

It seems that people buy mainly wallets and shoes, but the color also has a feng shui meaning.

Red=> Red

Black=> Will be in the black

Yellow => YellowGold => Money comes in, money goes out.

Green=> money comes in and stabilizes

So green means stability!

Ibasen also hasGreenandblackfans are available.

Shimebiki fan for women is a bargain item and only available in our online store.

Please come and visit us at our store as we have a variety of them.♪

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