Ijasen's fans make a great retirement gift.

How about a letter of thanks for your long years of service and a colorful letter of appreciation?

Ibasen's recommended fans are

Woven with traditional techniques

Ojiya Shrunken folding fan for men, 2 pieces, new

Ojiya-fuku, woven in Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture, is made into a fan.
Ojiya Shunkumi is the finest hemp fabric using only fine threads spun from natural ramie.


Shikebiki folding fan

The traditional colors of Edo are painted by hand by craftsmen.
Japanese paper is dyed with dyestuffs as it is, and the fan surface is hand-painted with fine lines by skilled craftsmen.


We especially recommend this one. The lines drawn many times on the surface in blue and gold glow in the light and are very popular.


Edo folding fan

As the name suggests, the Edo fan is a form of fan sold in Edo (present-day Tokyo).

The main features are "iki" (stylish) and bold characters.

How about a cherry blossom Edo fan for the start of spring? It is a hidden popular product of Ibasen.

It is perfect for female employees.

We also have a variety of other items. How about a fan bag and a fan stand? Wrapping paper is also available. Please feel free to contact us.

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