Utagawa Kuniyoshi cat collection

It is a folding fan and the round fan of the cat which Kuniyoshi Utagawa drew. It is the caricature which replaced a post town appearing in the fifty-three stages of the Tokaido with play upon words (poor joke) that 国芳 which is a cat lover related to a cat.

The example of the play upon words (poor joke)...
In Nihonbashi = "にほんだし ," it is two dried bonito
Totsuka found a mouse with = "peppermint"
Please look for all of you.

In addition, model robot "Doraemon" future with the Doraemon X 伊場仙 collaboration round fan (round fan) with "Nobita ,"I visit the famous place of the scenery of Edo whom Hiroshige Utagawa drew.

The original Edo round fan of the Tone River of HiroshigeThisBut I sell it.

Nihonbashi of fifty-three stages of the Tokaido Hiroshige as Edo folding fanThisI sell で.