As it is, Jiguchi, a cat-friendly fifty-three-story towel

This is a caricature consisting of three Otoshi, in which the post station that appears in the 53rd station of the Tokaido is replaced by Kuniyoshi, who loves cats, with a pun about cats.

It was dyed as a hand towel in cooperation with the publisher, Nihonbashi Ibasen.

Ibasen x Pear Garden dyeing collaboration

* This hand towel is dyed using two sheets of paper.
Because a series of operations from gluing to dyeing, washing with water, and drying are repeated,
Please note that there may be some misalignment due to the expansion and contraction and distortion of the fabric.

Approximately 37 x 90 cm Made in Japan 100% cotton Traditional craft [injection dyeing], so please be aware that the color may transfer due to sweat or friction at the beginning of use. When washing, please wash your hands alone with plenty of water. Please avoid soaking.

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