3 Fans for Gifts|The Meaning, Types, and Tips for Choosing the Right One to Give

The key to choosing a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebratory occasions is to choose a gift that will make the recipient happy. If you can convey your feelings for the recipient and your congratulations, the gift will be more memorable. If you want to give a stylish gift for your loved one's anniversary, how about a fan? Since ancient times, fans have been considered a standard gift as an item of good luck. In this issue, we will introduce the meaning behind giving a fan as a gift, pointers on how to choose one, and recommended fans as gifts.

The meaning of giving a fan as a gift

Because of its shape, a fan has long been considered a popular good-luck gift. The shape of the fan has the meaning of "becoming happier than ever. It is a perfect gift for anniversaries such as wedding gifts, coming-of-age gifts, graduation gifts, kanreki celebrations, and retirement gifts.


Although the word "fan" may conjure up images of a Japanese kimono accessory, in recent years many people have been using fans as compact heat protection items for daily use, and they are gaining popularity both in Japan and abroad. A wide range of fans are available for women and men, as well as for both men and women, and in casual designs, and are recommended as Father's Day and Mother's Day gifts and birthday presents.


There is a wide range of fans available at a wide range of prices, from the Kyoto folding fans, which are designated as a traditional Japanese craft, and high-end brand-name fans with craftsmanship, to casual fans that can be purchased casually. Please try to select the perfect fan that matches the mood and tastes of the recipient.

The meaning behind the gift of a fan|Recommended gift-giving occasions and points to note

Main types of fans to give as gifts and how to choose one

When selecting a fan to give as a gift, it is important to understand that there are various types of fans in addition to ladies' and men's fans. In recent years, more and more people use fans not only to match kimonos and yukatas, but also for everyday use. In addition to elegant Japanese patterns, there is a wide range of designs from gorgeous flower patterns to simple plain designs that can be easily matched to business situations. Choose a fan as a gift according to the recipient's taste and the occasion for which he or she would like to use it.

Natsu Sensu (Summer Fan)

This is a common fan used to cool oneself by blowing air through the fan. They are useful as a countermeasure against the heat in hot and humid summers and as a stylish Japanese accessory to be worn with yukata (light summer kimono) at fireworks displays. Hinoki fans, which are made by binding wooden boards together, are called winter fans, so they are sometimes called summer fans to distinguish them from winter fans. Although the word "summer" is used, there is no problem in using it in everyday life throughout the year. There is a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose the one that best suits your recipient's tastes.

Cloth folding fan

This is a fan whose surface is not made of paper but of cloth. Sometimes called "cloth fans," they are made of silk, polyester, and various other fabrics. Each type of cloth has its own charm, and there are many gorgeous designs with embroidery and other embellishments. However, since it is made of cloth, it is thicker than paper, and since it is applied to only one side, there is the disadvantage that the framework is completely visible from one side.

Congratulatory fan

This is a special fan used for ceremonial occasions such as weddings and betrothal gifts. Different colors and designs are used depending on the position, gender, and attire. Generally, black-lacquered fans with gold or silver fan faces are used.

Shimai-sen (Shimai fan)

A shimai fan is a fan used in traditional Japanese performing arts such as Noh and Kyogen, which have been handed down from generation to generation. There are various schools of these traditional performing arts, and the size and color patterns of shimai fans differ depending on the school and role.

Maisensu (dancing fan)

Maisensu refers to fans used in Japanese dance. It is sometimes called a "dancing fan," and is sometimes made of a sturdy structure that can withstand the violent movements of dancing. They are often decorated with gold or silver designs to make them look gorgeous on stage, and both sides are decorated with the same patterns.

Chasensu (tea fan)

Chasensu is one of the accessories used at tea ceremonies. It is characterized by being about one size smaller than an ordinary fan and is not spread out for use at tea ceremonies. It serves as a prop to convey courtesy when greeting people.

Decorative folding fan

A decorative fan is literally a fan used for indoor decoration. The surface of the fan is decorated with seasonal designs or lucky charms, and the fan is displayed standing up in an open position. Like summer fans, they are not used for cooling off.


More detailed types are explained in the article below. Please check it out.

Main Types of Sensu|Classification by Material, Use, Place of Origin, Size, and Proper Usage

Recommended 3 types of Ibasen folding fans by situation.

Ibasen's founder, Kanzaemon Ibaya, moved to Edo (present-day Tokyo) when Ieyasu Tokugawa entered the Edo shogunate and began his business. Ibasen began selling fans (uchiwa) in the mid-Edo period and fans in the late Edo period, and has continued to specialize in fans, folding fans, and Japanese paper products for approximately 430 years. Here are some of Ibasen's recommended fans for festive occasions.

Folding fans recommended for coming-of-age celebrations

Edo folding fan No.24 Double-sided Pattern Dragonfly Blue

Dragonflies were favored by warriors as an auspicious motif that brought victory because of their large, long wings and the way they flew with courage and daring, advancing straight ahead. Dragonflies are also a seasonal word for autumn, and as a beneficial insect that removes harmful insects, they are also a symbol of a good harvest. The two-sided pattern allows you to enjoy different shades of colors on the front and back sides. This fan is popular as a celebration of adulthood, as it expresses the wish that the person will look forward firmly as an adult, and that he/she will spend fruitful days.

Recommended fans for kanreki celebrations

Edo folding fan No.11 Mupai (six gourd)

The gourd, with its characteristic elongated shape, has been used since ancient times as a motif of good fortune. Since it bears many fruits, it is associated with meanings such as "prosperity of descendants" and "multiple blessings. It is also said that the unique, constricted shape of the gourd absorbs evil spirits and keeps them at bay. The fan shown here has six gourds on it, and the name "six gourds" is taken from the Japanese word "mu-oshi," meaning "without illness," to express the wish for good health and good health. It would make a gift for a kanreki celebration that conveys the wish for a long life in the future.

Recommended fans for retirement gifts

Edo folding fan No.15 Horse 9 goes well

Horses, an animal that has been closely associated with people's lives since ancient times, is often used as one of the patterns for congratulations. In particular, the nine horses are an auspicious motif that means "everything will go well," from the Chinese characters for "horse nine go" (go well). It is popular as a pattern to raise various kinds of luck, including the luck to win. In addition, the nine horses depicted on the fan introduced here are all running to the left. The left horse has the meaning of "there is nothing to the right" or "mau = to dance" when the horse is read from the opposite direction, making it a popular pattern for celebratory occasions such as retirement gifts.

Let's give a fan as a gift to express your feelings for the person you are thinking of!

We have introduced the meaning behind the gift of a fan and the types of fans recommended as gifts. Folding fans with good luck are perfect as gifts for celebratory occasions. We can provide single items as well as optional items such as fan bags, fan stands, and personalization. Wrapping and noshi are also available, so please be sure to use them for any festive occasion.