Broadcast Date: January 10, 2022Mondays, 9:30-9:54 p.m.

Let's start living in your own way! Kimono Lifestyle Everyday (6) "Walking Around Town in Kimono

Ms. Kiyoko Kondo, the proprietress of a long-established department store's main store, will talk about "Walking Around Town in Kimono",In the course of her exploration of the charms of walking around town in kimono, Ms. Kondo introduced Ijasen's folding fans.

Edo fans from the long-established fan specialty store "Ibasen

Edo fans are fashionable and many are chic.


Among those introduced to us in particular areEdo Senshi, Hanji-mono.from among

With six gourds ".Good health and good health."


With nine horses, "It will go well."

 Also at the beginning of the booka fan that has been turned offs green fan was also introduced.

Please strut the streets of Edo with a stylish fan to go with your stylish kimono.

Please feel free to visit Ibasen.

Why not match your kimono with an Ibasen fan?

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