17 Stylish Fans! How to choose a fan without fail [Men's/Women's].

The shape of a folding fan has the meaning of "spreading out and flourishing. Since a folding fan forms a shape that spreads out when it is unfolded, it is considered a good omen in Japan. Stylish fans are recommended not only for daily use but also as gifts. They are a standard celebratory gift for kanreki celebrations and Respect for the Aged Day, but recently they are also gaining popularity as birthday presents and tasteful gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day. In this issue, we will introduce stylish fans for men and women and how to choose a fan that will not fail.

Meaning behind the gift of a fan|Recommended gift-giving occasions and points to note

How to choose a stylish fan

In recent years, more and more people are carrying fans not only as Japanese accessories to match kimonos and yukatas, but also as portable heat-protection goods and fashion accessories. In line with this trend, a wide variety of fashionable fans for both men and women, and for both men and women, are now available. First, let us introduce how to select a stylish fan.

Selecting a fan by material

Folding fans are classified into different types according to the material of the fan surface, such as cloth fans and paper fans. Since the difference in material has to do with comfort and practicality, choose the one that best suits your taste.


Paper fans for casual, everyday use

Paper fans can be used casually and are suitable for daily use. Foldable, compact, lightweight, and easy to carry, it is a highly practical material. Since the fan is covered with Japanese paper from both sides, it is beautiful from all angles.


Cloth fans with gorgeous embroidery

The texture of the cloth and the beautiful embroidery can be enjoyed only with a cloth fan. Another advantage is that it matches a wide range of scenes, from business to Japanese atmosphere. The fabric used varies from silk to polyester.

Main types of fans|Classification by material, use, production area, size, and correct usage

Select by Fan Pattern

The patterns and designs on fans have various meanings. Here are some examples of major patterns and the meaning behind each.



Hyotan is a plant characterized by its long vines and narrow shape. It has been used since ancient times as one of the auspicious patterns for celebration. Since it bears many fruits, it is associated with such meanings as "prosperity of offspring," "good fortune," and "prosperity of business.



Horses have long been closely associated with human life. They are popular as a motif of good luck because they bring good things to people, such as benefits and income. The pattern depicting nine horses running is considered an auspicious pattern that brings good luck, from the Chinese character "馬九行駆" (=to go well).



Bamboo is a plant that maintains its evergreen color throughout the year and has a strong life force that withstands cold and snow. It has also been regarded as a good luck charm since ancient times because of its characteristic of straight growth. Such bamboo patterns are associated with the meanings of "prosperity of descendants," "longevity," and "immortality.



The dragonfly, often used as a standard Japanese pattern, is an insect known as the seasonal word for autumn. Since dragonflies are seasonal insects that produce crops, the dragonfly pattern is associated with the meaning of "good harvest. Dragonflies have large, long wings and can only fly straight ahead and cannot retreat. For this reason, dragonflies were called "victorious insects" because of their courage and daring, and were favored by samurai warriors.

Select by reliability and quality

Fans can now be easily purchased through mail order sites, festival stalls, and souvenir shops. However, if you are giving them as a gift, you want to choose one that is durable and of high quality. Long-established brands of fans are carefully crafted by hand by artisans and are characterized by their sturdiness and long use. If the brand has a long history, it can be enjoyed as a traditional craft. High-quality fans made of fragrant wood, for example, can be enjoyed for their beautiful openwork and elegant fragrance.

Men's] 10 recommendations of fashionable folding fans for men

There are many stylish and chic designs for men's folding fans that match both business and everyday use. Here, we introduce stylish fans for men.

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Ladies] 7 recommendations for stylish fans that are easy for women to use.

Women's fans are characterized by gorgeous decorations and colorful, delicate patterns. Here we introduce stylish fans for women.

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Give a stylish fan as a gift to your loved one!

We have introduced how to choose a fan as a gift without making a mistake and recommended products that are perfect for gift-giving. Since each pattern on a fan has its own meaning, we recommend that you choose a fan that matches the person you wish to give it to and the occasion for which it is to be given. We encourage you to choose a gift for your loved one while paying attention to the meaning of the pattern in addition to the color and design.