Silk fan, flower pattern for June, hand-painted + silk fan

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Please select your favorite "flower type" and "color of silk fan".

Each one is hand-drawn, so the color and shape will be different. It is your one and only fan in the world.

 Flowers will also be placed in the fan bag. If you would like it plain, please let us know in the memo.
We can also put your name on it. Please write the name you want in the memo field.

Please allow about one month for delivery.

6You can choose the type of flower of the month from the following.

Sasa lily (Lily of the valley) Sasa lily (Lily of the valley)

Firefly bag Firefly bulbul

Gardenia gardenia Gardenia jasminoide

lily of the valley lily of the valley lily of the valley

Teknek, iron wire Tessen, clematis

Hydrangea Hydrangea hydrangea Hydrangea

Size: 7 sun (approx. 3.03 cm)

Color: coral

Flower Type: June Sasa lily

Please allow about 2 weeks for delivery. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. (However, cancellation is not allowed.)
*Please provide your name only if you wish your name to appear on the order. If you have a preference for the size of the name, please indicate it in the memo when you place your order. The color and position of the name will be chosen to match the flower to be painted.