Edo folding fan set No.25, double-sided, three Masuji patterns

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This pattern was invented by Kabuki actor Ichikawa Danjuro I from the "lightning bolt pattern" and later became the standard crest of the Ichikawa family. The "San Masu" pattern is a pattern of large, medium, and small Masu boxes arranged in a box and viewed from above. There are many variations, such as those with "San Masu" scattered or with "San Masu" arranged between the stripes. The word "Masu" is thought to be good luck, as it is related to the word "increase. It is also called "three nested Masu".

The pattern is printed on both sides.

What is "HANJIMONO"?

A "hanjimono" is a kind of riddle. It is a riddle to solve the meaning of a character or picture that has been written under the guise of a certain significance. To guess the meaning of a hidden word or thing.

Product Details:

7.5" (22.5cm) Bamboo
Fan bag, cotton

Made by Ibasen

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